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My experience

Antioch University Los Angeles

Bachelors Degree: Psychology and Creative Writing 

California Institute of Integral Studies

 Masters Degree: Integral Counseling Psychology 

Somatic Experiencing Training: Currently in Intermediate Year with Berns Galloway 

Past Trainers: Abi Blakeslee; Linda Stelte


Trainings and Workshops

Gabor Maté Workshop: When the Body Says No

Peter Levine Workshop Somatic Experiencing and Case Consultation 2019 & 2022

George Haas Meditation x Attachment Level I 

Clinical Applications of Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) with Joni Lavick

Assisted Sexologist Francesca Gentille in Kink Conscious Certification with the International Institute of Clinical Sexology 

Couples Center Training with Gal Szekely and Liron Cohen Level One with Certification in progress 2022

AASECT-approved Sex Therapy Supervision with Gail Guttman in progress

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Why do I work the way I do?

I believe at the foundation of most if not all pathology, diagnoses, and suffering is disconnection. Disconnection from our unstoried true nature, and disconnection from authentic, vulnerable, nourishing relationships. Whether romantic; platonic; friendship; familial; flora; fauna: unmasked interdependent interconnection is what I am devoted to. Imperfectly. With you.

Yet I think all of us living under Capitalistic, domination-based cultures know that it's easier said than done, this intimacy stuff. We're taught to compete, to one-up, that hierarchy is the way. And so we treat ourselves this way too. We can be our own worst critics. I believe in our body's intelligence when we slow down to listen; this I have learned and continue to learn. I believe in the healing power of the heart; the kind of power that shares-with, not controls for more resource or ego fulfillment. I believe that the severing from our inherent loving-kindness inside causes extreme suffering. 

I work to invoke frameworks of compassion in those whom I work with, by modeling my own self-acceptance, self-compassion, willingness to be wrong, and action-based hope for healing. I guide compassion within through unlearning, active visualization, narrative reframing, and integration of head (intellect; cognition) and heart (nervous system; body; intuition; interconnection.)

We are meant to grow, heal, expand, and evolve because we're verbs - not nouns; not fixed or stagnant.  

Thank you for being here. 

Fee and Insurance Info

My fees are


$175 per 50-minute session for individuals

$220 for 50-minute couples sessions

& prorated for 75-minute sessions


A percentage of my spots are a lowered fee based on income (sliding scale.) As of May 2023, I do not have sliding scale availability.

I do not take insurance, but I am able to create a superbill for sessions, which can be submitted for out-of-network benefits or to meet a deductible. If you call the number on the back of your insurance card, you can learn more about the benefits your plan has.​ 


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